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Agriculture, policy and development: Books

A guide to finding information in agriculture, policy and development. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

To find out if a specific book is in the Library you just need to check the Enterprise catalogue (search box below). Enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title:

For example: Soffe and Countryside Notebook

You can also search Enterprise for a topic, to find related books.

Finding books

Finding printed books and e-books

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Finding online book chapters

To find online book chapters on a topic search the Summon discovery service:

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Key locations

2nd Floor

300 Social sciences
301.35 Rural sociology
330 Economics
333 Land economics
338.1 Agricultural economics
338.19 Food policy


3rd Floor

570 Biology
577 Ecology 
630 Agriculture
630.717 Extension work
631 The farm
631.4 Land and soil
631.5 Crop production
632 Plant diseases and pests
633 Field crops
634 Fruit crops and orchards
635 Horticulture
636 Livestock and domestic animals
637 Dairy industry
658  Business and marketing 
658.8  Marketing 

Call Numbers for selected topics

Agricultural economics 338.1
Agricultural extension 630.717
Agricultural meteorology 630.2515
Agroforestry 634.99
Animal welfare 636.08

Breeding: crops 631.522
Breeding: livestock 636.0824

Cattle 636.2
Cereals 633.1
Common Agricultural Policy 338.1094
Communication 001.51
Conservation (biological resources) 639.9
Cooperatives 334.683
Credit, agricultural 332.71

Dairy farming 636.2142
Development economics 338.9

Ecology: animal 591.5
Ecology: plant 581.5
Econometrics 330.18

Fertilizers 631.8
Food retailing 338.47664
Food supply 338.19
Forest economics 338.1749

Grain industry 338.1731

Irrigation 631.7

Livestock industry 338.176

Macroeconomics 330.1
Market research 658.83
Marketing: food 338.47664
Marketing: general 658.8
Microeconomics 330.1

Nutrition, animal 636.085

Organic farming 631.584
Overseas Aid 338.91

Pasture grasses 633.2
Pesticides 632.95
Plant pathology 632
Plant physiology 581.1
Poultry 636.5

Rural land use 333.76

Sheep 636.3
Soils 631.4
Statistical methods 630.015195
Sustainable agriculture 630.2745

Tropical agriculture 631.0913

Veterinary science 636.089

Weeds 632.58
Wheat 633.11
Wildlife management 639.9
Women in agriculture 331.483

New books

Getting books not held at Reading

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

For more information see our webpages: