British Standards Online [full-text]
  • Full-text resource
  • Reference resource
British Standards Online [full-text]
  • Full-text resource
  • Reference resource


Access to all British Standards Institution publications (we do not have access to Standards that are classified as 'under review' these are unadopted Standards and not part of our subscription) - for educational use only (see 'Additional Info' for business use options).

More Info

Full-text access to all British Standards Institution publications including:
-current, historic, and draft British Standards
-BSI adopted European and international standards
-technical handbooks
-codes of practice
-specifications for products, dimensions, and performance

To access the full-text pdfs you can either view online, or download the file. If you are using your personal computer and wish to download files, you will need to install the FileOpen plugin and make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is already installed on your computer. Staff using work laptops will need to contact DTS to arrange for these to be installed.

Restrictions on use
British Standards Online may only be used for educational purposes. It must not be used for the purpose of University business processes (including but not limited to Health & Safety, Estate Management) or for monetary reward (including but not limited to knowledge transfer partnerships). For the full British Standards Online terms of use, please access the resource using the link above and click on the "Terms" link at the bottom of the page.

Standards for business purposes
The Estates department have an online subscription to BSI which allows for the access of standards for commercial use. Please contact them if you wish to use the platform for this purpose.

If you require a physical copy of a standard for the purposes of University business processes, these can be obtained directly from the BSI via our University of Reading Membership, which is managed by The Library. Please contact Kate Devaney, Collections Services Manager for further details.