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Blended learning

Tips and advice for students for successful studying at home


Now we are all having to study and work from home it brings new challenges (and opportunities) to our day.  Whilst we have technologies to help us stay connected, we have the challenges of daily life to overcome and many distractions to avoid. This includes finding a place that we can work without being disturbed and negotiating how we plan our day with others around us.

The following guide covers some tips on many of the challenges we now face, including: how to study effectively at home; studying around young children and other family members; and also our tips on ‘stay at home exams’, to help you prepare.

As we are working in fast changing times, we will keep this guide up to date with our tips on overcoming all the new study challenges we face. If you looking for some guidance on anything we haven’t covered, do email us ( with your suggestions and we will look to include new content.

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