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Business, informatics, management and accounting: Market research

A guide to finding information in business, informatics, management and accounting. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

Marketing Information - where to start?

 Market research is when information is gathered together to analyse a market.  Usually, you can find out target audiences, the size of the market, top competitors and consumer behaviour, depending on the market or product that you are researching.

Market research information

You can use the databases below to find out market & industry sector information.

Other useful marketing sources

Oxford dictionary of marketing is available on Oxford Reference. If you are off-campus, you may need to log-in to view your search results.

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For more help...

If you need more help using any of these databases, or finding specific information, please contact us.

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Market opportunities in countries

Among the best sources for researching markets in other countries are those produced by the Department of Trade & Industry (UK) and the State Department (USA).

Other sources:

Market research - useful websites

Generally, market research data is very expensive, and the internet provides limited access to such information.  It's better to use the market research databases on this page, but occasionally the following sites may prove useful: