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Classics: Books

A guide to finding information in Classics. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

To find out if a specific book is in the Library you just need to check the Enterprise catalogue (search box below). Enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title:

For example: Zanker power images

You can also search Enterprise for a topic, to find related books.

Finding books

Finding printed books and e-books

Search the Enterprise catalogue to find specific books or books on a topic.


Finding online book chapters

To find online book chapters on a topic search the Summon discovery service:

Citation example in the Oxford and Harvard styles

The department of Classics recommends the use of two different citation styles, depending on whether or not the item in question is an ancient work or secondary literature.

See the Citing references tab in this guide and your student handbook for more detailed guidance.

Editions and translations of ancient works example (in the Oxford style)

Homer, Odyssey, translated by E.V.Rieu; revised translation by D.C.H Rieu; introduction by Peter Jones (London 2003)

Modern literature example (in the Harvard style)

Nagy, G (2013). The ancient Greek hero in 24 hours. Cambridge, MA

Chapter in a book example (in the Harvard style)

Cook, E (2009). '"Active" and "passive" heroics in the Odyssey', in L.E. Doherty (ed.), Homer's Odyssey. Oxford, 111 - 134 

Patrologia Graeca

Getting books not held at Reading

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

For more information see our webpages:

Book locations

4th Floor

870 Latin literature
876 Latin letters
879 Medieval and modern Latin literature
880 Greek literature
886 Greek letters

Medieval (Byzantine) and modern
Greek literature 

913 & 930.1 Archeology
930 Ancient History


3rd Floor 

180 Philosophy
184 Plato
185 Aristotle
200 Religion
292 Greek and Roman religion and mythology
400 Language
470 Latin language
480 Greek language
700 The arts
722.7 Roman architecture 
722.8 Greek architecture 
733 Classical sculpture 


Please note that books marked as 'Large' will be in separate sections to the rest of the books. For more information see the link below.

Aeschylus 882.1
Aristophanes 882.4
Aristotle 185 & 888.5
Art, Greek (general) 709.38
Art, Roman (general) 709.37

Catullus 874.2
Cicero 875.1-875.4 & 876.1
Cinema 791.43

Demosthenes 885.6

Epicureanism 187
Euripides 882.3

Greek ethics 170.938
Greek dictionaries 483
Greek grammar 485
Greek language textbooks 488
Greek literature (general) 880
Greek oratory 885
Greek poetry 881-884
Greek satire and humour 887

Herodotus 888.1
Hesiod 883.2
Historiography 907.2
History, Egypt, Greco-Roman period 932.02
History, Greek 938
History, Roman 937
Homer 883.1
Horace 874.5

Inscriptions, Greek 481.7 Inscriptions, Latin 471.7

Juvenal 877.7

Latin dictionaries 473
Latin grammar 475
Latin language, Medieval & modern 479.3
Latin language textbooks 478
Latin literature (general) 870
Latin oratory 875
Latin poetry 871-874
Latin satire and humour 877
Literary theory 801
Livy 878.4​

​Menander 882.6

Ovid 871.2

Painting, Greek 759.938
Painting, Roman 759.937
Paleography 417
Pindar 884.5
Plato 184.1 & 888.4
Pliny the Younger 876.2
Plutarch 888.8
Pre-Socratic Greek philosophy 182

Religion & mythology, Classical 292

Sallust 878.2
Scepticism, Ancient 186
Science, Greek 509.38
Sculpture, Classical 733
Seneca 188.6 & 872.6 & 878.5
Slavery, Greek 326.938
Slavery, Roman 326.937
Sophistic and Socratic philosophy 183
Sophocles 882.2
Stoicism 188

Tacitus 878.6
Thucydides 888.2

Virgil 873.1

Warfare, Greek 355.0938
Warfare, Roman 355.0937
Women, Greek 396.0938
Women, Roman 396.0937

Xenophon 888.3

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Digital Loeb Classical Library

The Loeb Classical Library contains texts from 700 B.C. to 700 A.D and provides trusted English translations alongside the original Latin or Greek.

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