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Economics: Statistics

A guide to finding information in economics. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

UK Statistics

Student using a calculatorThe Library holds the major British government statistical series, eg: Economic trends, Family spending (formerly Family expenditure survey), Living in Britain (formerly General household survey), New earnings survey, Regional trends, United Kingdom balance of payments ("pink book"), United Kingdom national accounts ("blue book"). Most of these series are now also available online via the Office for National Statistics website.

In addition, there are many statistical series for specific subject areas, eg agriculture, construction, insurance, housing, tourism, health. These will be found on the catalogue (normally shelved as periodicals), or online via the Office for National Statistics website.

European Statistics

European official statistics are available on the Eurostat website.

International Statistics

There are also statistics produced by international organisations, eg OECD Economic surveys by country, IMF International financial statistics, IMF Direction of trade statistics, UN International trade statistics yearbook, WTO International trade statistics, FAO yearbook - production, FAO yearbook -trade, OECD Monthly statistics of international trade, UN World investment reports and National accounts - OECD countries. As well as print copies in the Library, many of these are available from the organisations' own website or via the UK Data Service.

Here are some useful sources: