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Education: Books

A guide to finding information in education. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

To find out if a specific book is in the Library you just need to check the Enterprise catalogue (search box below). Enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title:

For example: pollard reflective teaching

You can also search Enterprise for a topic, to find related books.

Finding books

Finding printed books and e-books

Search the Enterprise catalogue to find specific books or books on a topic.


Finding online book chapters

To find online book chapters on a topic search the Summon discovery service:

Videos: finding and borrowing a book

Citation example in APA style

Pollard, A., & Black-Hawkins, K. (2018). Reflective teaching in schools (5th ed.). Bloomsbury Academic.


Call Numbers for selected topics

Most education professional studies (Call Numbers 370-379) and primary education (372) books and journals are on the 2nd Floor. Items on teaching specific subjects at secondary level are with that subject on either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Floors.

Art teaching, Primary 372.5
Art teaching including Secondary teaching 707
Assessment 371.26

Biology teaching, Secondary 570.712

Careers 371.425
Change management 658.406
Chemistry teaching, Secondary 540.712
Children’s literature 809.89282
Classroom management 371.1024
Community education 371.19
Comparative education 370.9
Curriculum 375
Curriculum and language 420.71

Deaf culture and welfare 362.42
Deaf pupils, Teaching 371.912
Deafness, Medical aspects 617.8
Deafness, Psychological aspects 136.761
Design and technology, Primary teaching 372.358
Design and technology, Secondary teaching 607
Disadvantaged children 371.92
Discipline 371.5
Discussion methods 371.37
Distance and adult learning systems 374.4
Drama, Primary teaching 372.66
Drama, Secondary teaching 792.07
Dyslexia 371.9144

Early years education 372.21
Education and the state 379
Education, History of 370.9
Education: Great Britain 379.42
English education, History of 370.942
English language teaching 420.7
English literature, Secondary teaching 820.71
Examinations 371.27

Finance, Educational 371.206
First/infant school 372.241
French teaching 448.24
Further education 374

German teaching 438.24
Gifted children 371.95
Grouping and streaming 371.25

Handwriting 372.634
Higher education 378
Higher education, Organisation of 378.1
Higher education: Great Britain 378.42
History teaching, Primary 372.89
History teaching, Secondary 907.12

Intellectual development, Children 136.72
IT Teaching, Primary 372.1334
IT teaching, Secondary 004.07
IT in education 371.334

Learning disabilities 371.9
Literacy 372.6

Management 658
Management of Teachers 371.144
Maths, Primary teaching 372.7
Maths, Secondary teaching 510.7
Middle school 373.236
Modern foreign language teaching, Primary 372.65
Modern foreign language teaching, Secondary 418.0071
Montessori method 372.1392
Moral education 370.114
Multicultural education 370.117
Music, Primary teaching 372.87
Music, Secondary teaching 780.71

National Curriculum 375

Philosophy, Educational 370.1
Physical education, Primary teaching 372.86
Physical education, Secondary teaching 613.707
Physics teaching, Secondary 530.7
Primary education 372
Primary education, History of 372.9
Primary schools, Organisation of 372.12
Professional & technical education 378.99
Project teaching methods 371.36
Psychology, Educational 370.15
Public school 371.02
Pupil guidance and counselling 371.42

Racism in education 371.98
Reading difficulties 371.9144
Reading, Teaching 372.4
Religion, Primary teaching 372.84
Religion, Secondary teaching 200.71
Research, Educational 370.72
Resources 371.33

School and community 371.19
School leavers 371.291
School libraries 027.8
School management 371.2
Science, Primary teaching 372.35
Science, Secondary teaching 507.1

Secondary education 373
Secondary education, Great Britain 373.42
Sign language 419.1
Sociology, Educational 370.115
Spanish teaching 468.24
Special educational needs 371.9
Spelling 372.63
Strategic planning 658.401
Study and teaching methods 371.30281

Teacher training 370.71
Teachers 371.1
Teaching 371.102
Teaching aids, Multimedia 371.33
Teaching practice 370.71
Technology, Educational 371.334
Timetables 371.24


New books

New books in the Teaching Practice Collection

Getting books not held at Reading

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

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