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Modern Languages and European Studies: Dictionaries & encyclopedias

A guide to finding information in modern languages. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

Use encyclopedias:

  • for summaries
  • for lists of further reading
  • when starting a project

Some useful titles are listed below. Find more on the catalogue by searching for the language and "encyclopedias" e.g. "French encyclopedias"

You can also search across multiple dictionaries and encyclopedias using the boxes below.

Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries logo

Fully searchable, comprehensive and easy to use bilingual dictionaries for French, German, Italian and Spanish.

There are also language learning and usage tools and resources, such as downloadable letters, grammar notes, verb tables and cultural information to provide practical help with writing.

Search Summon for definitions and explanations

Find definitions and summaries from a wide range of online dictionaries and encyclopedias by searching the Summon discovery service using the box below.

Search Oxford Reference

Use Oxford Reference to search across multiple dictionaries and reference titles, including bilingual dictionaries of French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. If you are off-campus, you may need to log-in to view your search results.

Oxford Reference Online Search Box Example

Search Oxford Reference Online

Useful reference works for French studies: selected titles

Useful reference works for German studies: selected titles

Useful reference works for Italian studies: selected titles

Useful reference works for Spanish and Latin American studies