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Politics and international relations: Help

A guide to finding information in politics and international relations. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

What can your subject librarian do for you?

Your subject librarian is here to help you find and use information. They can...

  • show you how to use information resources effectively - your librarian will run any library training sessions your School/Department has arranged
  • show you how to save time by making the most of all Library services
  • give you individual help with research - your librarian can offer in depth help in finding information

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Other support for your studies


Teach yourself how to use the Library more effectively during your studies at Reading using our self-paced Blackboard course, LibLearn. There are three tutorials in the course and there are quizzes in each one so that you can test yourself on what you have learnt. Find out more about LibLearn.

We also have a range of videos designed to introduce you to the Library and show you how to use our resources. Watch our videos now!

Study advice

The Study Advice Team are based in Room 103 on the 1st Floor of the Library. They offer study guides, workshops, individual advice sessions, and much more to make your studying more effective and successful. A dedicated ASK Adviser mentored by the Study Advice team is also available in the Politics and International Relations department to help with subject study queries. See the Study Advice website for more information.

Maths Support Centre

Also on the 1st Floor of the Library is the Maths Support Centre. They offer guides, workshops and individual support on maths, statistics, psychometric tests and much more. Explore the guidance they offer by visiting the Maths Support website.

IT Services

ITS provides help and advice with using computer software and hardware. They run regular training sessions on software packages including Word, Excel and Access. They also provide individual support via their help counter on the 1st Floor of the Library. For more information see the IT Services website.