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Open Access at University of Reading: Presentations from Open Access Week 2022

Information about support for Open Access publishing in the University

All you wanted to know about Open Access but were too afraid to ask


open access unlocked padlock symbol The presentations on this page were part of a session run by the Research Engagement team at University of Reading for Open Access Week 2022. Due to the hosting platform for the presentations, they are only available to University of Reading staff and students.


What is Open Access?

What is Open Access?, What’s the difference between Green and Gold Open Access?, Why is it important?, Who benefits?, What’s in it for me? 

Going for Gold – what does publishing Gold Open Access involve?

What are Pure Gold and Hybrid Gold journals? A quick guide to Creative Commons Licences, how to find Gold Open Access journals

Open Access for PhD theses

How to make sure your (or your students’) research is open once the PhD is completed at University of Reading. 

CentAUR and the Green Open Access Route

How the University’s institutional repository, CentAUR, can help you make your outputs Open Access via the Green route

Funder requirements for Open Access

Correct when presented in October 2022. UKRI funder requirements and how to comply with them, finding suitable journals, navigating the Green Open Access route for funder compliance