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Library resources for researching gender, women, sexuality, masculinity and feminism related topics


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Call Numbers for selected topics

Business women/Self-employed women 331.4
Discrimination and equality (law) 347.134
Education and women/feminism 370.82
Education for social responsibility 370.115
Educational sociology (includes gender) 370.193
Feminism 396
Feminist jurisprudence / Women – Legal status, laws, etc. 340.15
Gender 301.424
Gender and literature 809.93353
Gender and politics 396.9
Gender and the construction industry 690.0683
Gender equality/inequality 396
Gender identity in education 370.81​
Language and gender 408.2
Masculinity in cinema 791.43652​
Masculinity in literature – spread throughout the 800s, depending on the historical period or country
Masculinity, queer theory, misogyny, gender identity, gender minorities, gender and sexuality  301.424
Psychology of men (identity) 136.16
Psychology of women (identity) 136.15
Sexuality (psychology) 136.11 (sex differences)
Theatre and feminism 792.082
Women 396
Women and employment 331.4
Women and the law 347.128​
Women designers / Women commercial artists / Women in the advertising industry  741.6082
Women executives 658.42
Women in art / Feminism in art / Women artists  704.042 / 700.82
Women students 371.822
Women surveyors 526.9069​

Cataloguing and classifying gender

The Library uses the Library of Congress and the Dewey Decimal classification schemes to catalogue and classify its stock and we are bound by the rules and subject headings outlined in these. However, we acknowledge that some of the terminology used in these schemes may not always accurately reflect current cultural references.

Just as the field of gender studies and associated research is evolving, library classification schemes are beginning to as well, though there is more work to be done. If you would like to know more about this topic, you might find the following recent articles of interest:

Billey, A.; Drabinski, E. & Roberto, K.R. (2014) 'What's Gender Got to Do with It? A Critique of RDA 9.7', Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 52(4), pp. 412-421

Drabinski, E. (2010) 'Gendered S(h)elves: Body and identity in the library', Women & Environments International Magazine, (Fall), pp. 16-18,43

Roberto, K. R. (2011) 'Inflexible bodies: Metadata for transgender identities' Journal of Information Ethics, 20(2), pp.56-64

Olson, H. A. (2001) ‘Patriarchal Structures of Subject Access and Subversive Techniques for Change’, Canadian Journal of Information & Library Sciences, 26(2/3), p. 1.

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Subject headings

The following subject headings provide links to just some of the titles held in the Library catalogue relating to these specific areas: