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Food product reformulation resources: Business model

Key resources for finding published literature on all aspects of food product reformulation

Resources for finding literature

Use these sources to find literature, such as journal articles, on topics related to the food industry, products, and marketing.

Search Summon

Search Summon using the box below to find online journal articles, book chapters, standards and other publications covered by the Library's subscriptions. You should be able to access everything you find on Summon.

Market research and statistics

Market research is when information is gathered together to analyse a market. Usually, you can find out target audiences, the size of the market, top competitors and consumer behaviour, depending on the market or product that you are researching.

You will need to try searching for your product/market on all the resources listed below. Look for a search box and keep your search simple. You might need to think of the wider context to find any results e.g. if you are interested in yoghurt and nothing comes up, try searching for dairy products instead. Browsing can also yield more results than keyword searching.

Start here‚Äč

D&B Global Business Browser has the widest coverage of all the resources we have access to, and is the easiest to use. Try clicking on 'Industries' and 'Industry Browse' to find the 'Food and kindred products' section which divides down into specific areas e.g. Dairy products.


These resources cover UK market information only.


Try this resource in addition to D&B Global Business Browser if you are looking for worldwide market information.


Looking for statistics? Try this resource and the others listed on our Finding statistics guide:

Reading list

A few suggested books have been included in this guide, but for a more comprehensive list of books, articles and other documents take a look at the reading list for this module:

Useful books

Search the Enterprise catalogue for additional books

Market research - useful websites

Generally, market research data is very expensive, and the internet provides limited access to such information.  It's better to use the market research databases on this page, but occasionally the following sites may prove useful: