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Inclusive technology

a guide to finding inclusive technology to support your learning.

‚Äčcomputer userInclusive technology refers to those programs, settings, extensions and apps that enable everyone to get the most out of their computer, tablet or phone. Assistive technology software and built-in settings can help with things like screen magnification, changing text colour and size, text-to-speech and screenreading, speech recognition, and grammar and spell checking.  This guide is intended to help you access information and make use of technology in a way that meets your needs. This includes information about what you can do with existing software on University PCs, and information about apps and browser extensions you might want to try.

We cannot endorse any software other than that supported by IT, but you may find some of the free software mentioned in this guide useful. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing

We also have a range of videos designed to introduce you to the Library and show you how to use our resources. Watch our videos now!

Your Academic Liaison Librarian

Academic Liaison LibrariansWhatever you are studying, there is an Academic Liaison Librarian who can help you find and use information. They can...
  • show you how to use information resources effectively - your librarian will run any library training sessions your School/Department has arranged
  • show you how to save time by making the most of all Library services
  • give you individual help with research - your librarian can offer in depth help in finding information

Other support

Study advice

The Study Advice Team offer study guides, workshops, individual advice sessions, and much more to make your studying more effective and successful. See the Study Advice webpages for more information:

Maths Support

Our Maths Support resources can help if you're finding any mathematical or statistical topic difficult during the transition to University study. They include links to an extensive range of worksheets, e-resources and video tutorials which you can access at any time to practise and develop your mathematical and statistical skills.

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