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Inclusive technology

a guide to finding inclusive technology to support your learning.

All internet browsers can be personalised to some degree. This may include changing colour schemes, font sizes and settings, or useful shortcuts. Use the links below to find out more.

Google Chrome Extensions

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Chrome web store (desktop only - not supported on mobile devices)

There are many free extensions that can be added to Google Chrome. Useful examples include:

Google Color Overlay is a simple Chrome extension that provides a highly customizable way of tinting the screen with an overlay of your preferred colour.

Mercury Reader is a Google Chrome extension that de-clutters webpages, stripping out excess images and simplifying the layout to present you with the text you want to read in a clear manner.

Invert page colours will switch black text on a white background to white text on a black background.

Headings Map will open up a new window displaying a list of all the headings on a particular web page. Clicking on a heading in the list will take you to that heading on the page.

Read & Write for Google Chrome is a free extension that will provide you with a toolbar which has will:

  • Allow webpages to be read out to you
  • Read Word documents and PDFs if you store documents in Google Drive. (You may be prompted to download the PDF viewer once you open a PDF in Google Drive

ClaroRead Chrome is a simple free extension that will read out selected text from webpages in either male or female US/British voices. Also includes a customisable colour overlay option.