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Inclusive technology

a guide to finding inclusive technology to support your learning.

Windows speech recognition

WHERE TO FIND IT : Control Panel settings of any Windows PC

Use the Search button on the Windows 10 taskbar - search for 'Speech recognition' or 'Ease of access'. This should enable you to set up your microphone and begin dictating.

Windows 10 has a good speech recognition capability built in to the operating system. This enables you to dictate to the computer and it will turn your spoken thoughts and ideas into text.

Speech recognition works in Microsoft Word and other programs. It's recommended that you complete the built-in tutorial. In addition, a good quality USB headset microphone is recommended to get the best results.


Google Voice Typing

WHERE TO FIND IT : Google Docs

Voice typing is a speech recognition tool available in Google Docs. After opening a document click on the Tools menu and choose Voice typing. A microphone icon will appear at the top left of the document. Once you have plugged in a microphone click on the icon and begin talking.