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Information for Library Representatives: Home

Further information and guidance for Library Representatives.

As a Library Representative you have several roles which are explained below.

To see an overview of the tasks you will need to perform throughout the year see the Library Representative timeline.

If you have any queries, or would like to make an appointment to discuss your responsibilities in more detail, contact your subject liaison librarian.

Managing the School's library budget

As Library rep you are responsible for organising expenditure and ordering books. Including:

  • monitoring budgets throughout the year to ensure the allocation is spent by the designated deadline;
  • organising the ordering of books for your colleagues (by passing on requests to your subject liaison librarian for processing or by encouraging your colleagues to contact your liaison librarian directly with their order requests, which will then be ordered subject to agreed parameters);
  • ensuring adequate and timely provision of resources for new modules.

To find out more follow the link below:

To order books login to the Unicorn system with your University username and password and click on the 'Purchase request' option on the toolbar or pass on requests to your liaison librarian directly.

Developing collections in your subject area

The Library collections should support teaching and research in your subject area. Help us do this by...

  • drawing up collection development policies with the liaison librarian;
  • being consulted about possible withdrawals.

Disseminating Library information to colleagues

You need to keep informed of Library developments and pass these on to your colleagues. This includes:

  • attending relevant Committees and/or circulating reports from the Library if you are unable to attend in person;
  • disseminating communications from your subject liaison librarian if they do not have access to school email lists.

Keeping us informed

Help your liaison librarian keep up to date with:

  • new modules;
  • ceased modules;
  • new members of staff;
  • reading lists;
  • opportunities to support teaching of information skills;
  • invitations to relevant committees, such as staff-student committees.

List of Library Representatives

Each school/department has a library representative who liaises with the Library. In particular they are responsible for collecting book requests from their colleagues and students and passing them on to their liaison librarian.