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Information for Library Representatives: Budget information

Further information and guidance for Library Representatives.

Organising expenditure

While it is for schools to work with their liaison librarian to decide how they organise expenditure from their Library budgets, your liaison librarian will discuss with you various models that work well. Most school Library Representatives receive suggestions from colleagues and prioritise them.

Reading list items

Books on reading lists which are not in the Library will be ordered by Library staff and charged to school book funds. Liaison librarians will consult if the items are expensive or numerous, or if funds are getting low.

Provision for new modules

There are no funds set aside to provide for new modules. Funding for these must be found from school library budgets.

Provision for proposed new programmes

If a programme in a new area is proposed, your Liaison Librarian should be alerted as soon as possible so that the Library can advise on resources needed and a plan can be created to provide resources for the new programme. Please note that the Library should be alerted both when the new programme is proposed and when it is approved.

Why do available amounts change from time to time?

There are three reasons for this.

  1. Exchange rates vary so some Departments/Schools heavily dependent on materials priced in euros or dollars may expect variations from estimates.
  2. Books ordered via approved SUPC library suppliers (Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium) may come in at a 19% discount on list prices. Although the discount is recorded in the order commitment, there are still variations in pricing.
  3. Books orders may be cancelled, or more expensive alternative versions supplied (this will be checked with your liaison librarian).

How are the budgets allocated and when?

Budgets for Faculties/Schools/Departments are allocated by the Library's Associate Director for Collections, Research and Space.

The financial year runs from 1st August - 31st July. Funds have to be spent and items received in the Library by the end of the financial year. No funds can be carried forward.

Any unspent money will be drawn back into Library funds in May and spent on resources which benefit a range of Schools.  Any remaining commitments against book funds for material not supplied by year end will be charged to the next financial year.

How will I know how much money is left to spend?

You will receive monthly statements detailing expenditure and commitments. Statements include information about expenditure from book budgets and any special ring-fenced funds Schools have set up, as well as contributions towards electronic resources from School's own budgets, which are recovered via internal transfer.

Budget memos are sent throughout the year, normally at the end of the month, with the exception of December (as the University is closed).  You will receive a year end summary in July/early August that records final expenditure for the financial year.

If you would like to have regular email notification of those books bought from your school's budget, contact your liaison librarian, who can arrange for a New Titles report to be sent to you.

You may of course ask your Liaison Librarian for budget balances at any time.

Further information

If you need any further information on managing your School Library budget please contact your liaison librarian.