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Masters Dissertation Fair 2020: Home

Details of a series of webinars on a variety of topics relating to doing your dissertation



To help get you started with researching and writing your dissertation the Academic Liaison Librarian and Study Advice Teams held a series of webinars in the first week of June. These offered advice on all elements of your dissertation planning, searching for literature, and writing. From choosing a research methodology to using reference management tools.

The slides from these workshops are available below. 

If you would like 1-2-1 advice on any of these topics, or any aspect of researching or writing your dissertation, please make an appointment with your Academic Liaison Librarian or a Study Adviser.

If you prefer self-paced online resources, we have a suite of guides and video tutorials on literature searching, dissertations and major projects. See the links below right.

Presentation slides

Finalising your research question 

In the session we explore the importance of clear and achievable research questions and examine the process for developing an effective research question. Delivered by our Study Advice Team. 

Literature searching tips and tricks

In this session we'll run through preparing for a search - thinking about keywords and identifying where to look for literature. We'll then move on to techniques for constructing a comprehensive search, such as using search operators and truncation. Delivered by our Academic Liaison Librarian Team.

Be more critical in your reading and writing 

This session is designed to give you tips and strategies for developing a critical approach to reading and structuring your writing. Delivered by our Study Advice Team. 

Reference management tools - EndNote vs Mendeley

You will be collecting potentially large numbers of references to write your dissertation, how can you manage them efficiently and cite them correctly? In this session we'll introduce you to the two tools we support - EndNote and Mendeley - so that you can decide which is for you. Delivered by our Academic Liaison Librarian Team.

Writing your literature review 

This session will provide you with some tips and strategies on how to plan, structure and write up your literature review. Delivered by our Study Advice Team. 

Matching methodologies to research questions                

In the session we assess advantages and disadvantages of different methodologies. Also, we will explore how to develop and apply a comprehensive research methodology to a specific research project. Delivered by our Study Advice Team. 

Taking a systematic approach to your literature review

Every dissertation will include a literature review, but what if your dissertation is entirely literature-based? You will need to take a systematic approach to your search and analysis of the literature, and use a number of techniques usually employed for a systematic review. We will run through some these to help you take a structured approach to your research. Delivered by our Academic Liaison Librarian Team.

Writing your discussion 

This session will explore the key features of a discussion section and provide you with some tips for structuring and writing up your work. Delivered by our Study Advice Team. 

Finding primary sources for your dissertation

Primary sources are a first-hand accounts of topic. They include speeches, diaries, letters, interviews, data sets, photographs and much more. Come along to this session for an introduction to finding online primary sources. Delivered by our Academic Liaison Librarian Team.

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