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Open Access at University of Reading: University OA policy

Information about support for Open Access publishing in the University

University of Reading Open Access Policy 

The policy applies to all staff and students publishing peer reviewed research. 

The University is committed to publishing the results of its research in the highest quality publications, and strongly believes that these research outputs should be made as widely available as possible to academics, industry, the general public and other interested communities. By making their publications Open Access, researchers increase the visibility of their research to readers worldwide and ensure that it is discoverable and accessible free of charge to anyone via the internet. There have been significant developments in the UK and elsewhere that have pushed the Open Access agenda forward. There will be a significant period of adjustment in the publishing world and it is expected that different routes to Open Access will operate alongside each other. We expect that in the long term, making research publications Open Access will be the norm.

  • The University believes that decisions about where research is published should be made by the authors. However, the following should be noted:
    • As soon as accepted for publication, staff and students are required to deposit the author-final version of all journal articles and conference proceedings in CentAUR. (Green Open Access.)
    • Staff and students are encouraged to publish their articles via the Gold Open Access route where funds to pay for Open Access publication charges are available.
    • Staff and students must comply with funders’ conditions about Open Access.
  • The University will communicate effectively with all staff and students who publish to ensure that they are aware of the benefits and mechanisms of Open Access, and also the requirements of funders.
  • The University will engage with funders, publishers and other stakeholders to ensure that it is fully conversant with the developing nature of Open Access.

Responsibility for the Open Access policy sits with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), with operational management of the activity resting with the Open Access Group. The policy was introduced in 2013 and revised in 2017.