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Physician Associates: Books

A guide to finding information for Physician Associate students. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

To find out if a specific book is in the Library you just need to check the Enterprise catalogue (search box below). Enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title.

Example: "baldwin clinical specialties"

You can also search Enterprise for a topic to find related books.

Finding books

Finding printed books and e-books

Search the Enterprise catalogue to find specific books or books on a topic.


Finding online book chapters

To find online book chapters on a topic search the Summon discovery service:

Videos: finding and borrowing a book

Getting books not held at Reading

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

For more information see our webpages:

Key locations

3rd Floor

610 Medicine & health
611 Anatomy, cytology and histology
612 Human physiology
612.1 Circulatory system
612.2 Respiratory system
612.3 Digestive system
612.4 Endocrinology
612.6 Reproduction, development, maturation
612.8 Nervous system
613 Personal health and safety
613.2 Nutrition
614 Public health
615 Pharmacology and therapeutics
615.1 Drugs
615.5 Therapeutics
615.9 Toxicology
616 Diseases and clinical medicine
616.01 Medical microbiology
616.07 Pathology
616.075 Diagnosis
616.079 Immunology
616.08 Health psychology
616.1-8 Diseases of specific systems and organs
616.1 ... cardiovascular system
616.2 ... respiratory system
616.3 ... digestive system
616.4 ... endocrine, haematopoietic, lymphatic and glandular systems
616.8 ... nervous system and mental disorders
618 Gynecology, obstetrics, paediatrics and geriatrics

Antibiotics 615.329

Bacteria, Pathogenic 616.014
British pharmacopoeia 615.1142

Cancer 616.994
Chemotherapy 615.58
Clinical examinations 616.0754
Clinical trials 615.50724
Consulting skills 610.696

Diseases 616
Disease control 614.4
Drugs 615.1

Ethics, Medical 174.2

Food poisons 615.954

Law, Medical 347.1195

Microbiology, Medicinal 616.01

Narcotics and stimulants 613.8
Nutrition 613.2

Obesity 616.398
OSCEs 616.075076

Paediatrics 618.92
Public health 614

Toxicology 615.9

Vaccines 615.372
Virology, Medical 616.0194

Accessing online Library resources

If you are on campus you will be able to access most e-journals and e-books, and some databases, without entering a username and password because your IP address identifies you as being at the University of Reading.

For any that require a login, see the Off-campus tab.

Terms of Use

When you use our e-resources you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please take a moment to look at these by following the link below:

When you are off-campus you will need to login to identify yourself as a member of the University of Reading to gain access to our protected databases, e-books and e-journals. 

Your login details

You login in the same way as for Blackboard - via Microsoft. Just enter your University username followed by (e.g. and your password. If this is the first time you have logged in via this method when off-campus you will be asked to complete a Multi-Factor Authentication. For more information see:

Getting to the login page...

  • For most resources, if you follow a link from our website or catalogues your login will be picked up automatically or you will be prompted to login straightaway. 
  • If you access resources via another route you will need to look for a login option once you reach the resource you are trying to access. Look for an institutional or shibboleth login option and pick 'University of Reading' from a list of institutions. This will then pick up your login or prompt you to login. For more information about institutional login, please see the link below:
Logging in to Library resources

Watch this short video on how you login to use Library resources.

If you are unable to view this video on YouTube it is also available on YuJa - view the Logging in to the Library video on YuJa (University username and password required)

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