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Kim Coles

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Kim Coles
If you would like help with a specific research question, finding information for an assignment, an introduction to using the library, or help with referencing and EndNote, make an appointment.

+44 (0) 118 378 3410

My Guides

Last update: Sep 23, 2021 1900 views
English Literature
Last update: Sep 23, 2021 3111 views
Last update: Jan 26, 2018 138 views
Last update: Sep 21, 2021 2711 views
Last update: Aug 24, 2021 535 views
Language learning
Last update: Sep 23, 2021 364 views
Languages and Cultures
Last update: Sep 23, 2021 1744 views
Last update: Aug 26, 2021 3712 views
Shakespeare on Film
Last update: Sep 23, 2021 55 views