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Online reading lists: a guide for academic staff

Using Talis Aspire to create online reading lists

Adding resources to your reading list

  • In order to add items to your reading lists, you first need to bookmark these before adding them to your list. This page is intended to provide guidance on the best and simplest method of linking to a wide range of resources.
  • If the Library has a copy of the item or subscribes to it electronically, always link to these from Enterprise, the Library catalogue or from the article level page on the journal publisher's website (via, Enterprise/Summon) for journal articles.
  • If we don't have the item in stock, you can still link to it from sites such as Blackwell's, Amazon, or directly from the publisher's website (for articles), and the link will automatically upgrade to show library availability once the item has been purchased, catalogued and made available to our students.
  • If we do not have a current subscription to an e-journal we may obtain a coyright fee paid photocopy of the article for the Course Collection as an alternative. This may also be scanned via the Library's scanning service, if required, and linked to your list (if the publication is covered under the CLA HE Licence for scanning).  

Guides to bookmarking resources for your lists

  • Screencasts created by the Library and Talis: Watch the screencasts on this page to see how you can bookmark from a wide range of resources.
  • Step by step guides: If you would prefer to print out step by step guides to adding resources to your reading list, download the relevant PDFs below.


Adding items to your reading list

Re-using bookmarks

Importing bookmarks from reading lists
You can import all the resources bookmarked on a published list already on the system into your 'My Bookmarks' page. Download our PDF step by step guide.

Getting further help
If you require further guidance with bookmarking items and adding them to your list, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian

Bookmarking from a range of online resources (screencasts - 'full screen' viewing recommended)

This video contains audio.

You can search for journal articles via Summon - that way you can be sure that your students will be able to access them.

You can also bookmark journal articles through Enterprise.

If you find a book on another bookseller website, e.g. Amazon, that we do not hold in the Library you can still add this to your list. Library staff will identify this item as required for purchase when they review your list, following its publication. Once the book is on the catalogue an automatic update will ensure library availability is also displayed.

Although this video uses Amazon as an example, this also works on publishers' websites.

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Moving items and editing notes on resources on your list (screencasts - 'full screen' viewing recommended)

The relative importance assigned to a resource on our online reading lists system are aligned with the University's approved guidelines for Effective reading lists.

A library note is visible to library staff in the 'reviews' module of the system where stock availability is assessed. They are not visible to to anyone viewing your published lists.

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