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Online reading lists: a guide for academic staff

Using Talis Aspire to create online reading lists

From Endnote to Talis

Exporting references from EndNote to use in Talis

Use your EndNote library to populate a reading list.

In Desktop EndNote:

1.       Mark the records you want to export.

2.       Click on File, then Export.

3.       Give your file a name.

4.       Leave the ”Save as type” box as Text File (*txt).

5.       In the Output style box select RefMan (RIS) export. If this style doesn’t display, from the drop-down box pick Select another style and choose RefMan (RIS) from the list.

6.       If you exporting selected titles rather than all stored reference ensure the “Export selected references” box is ticked.

7.       Click Save.


In EndNote Web:

1.       Move references you want to export into a new group.

2.       Click Format then Export references.

3.       In the “References” box select the group with your references. In the “Export style” box select Refman (RIS) export format.

4.       Click Save.


Importing bookmarks into Talis from EndNote

1.       In My bookmarks click Add and select import citations from the drop-down list.

2.       Navigate to the saved file, and then click Import. Titles are downloaded into your bookmarks

3.       You receive an email when your bookmarks have been imported. This may take some time.


Based on instructions developed by Jo Akers at Oxford Brookes University

From Talis to Endnote

Exporting bookmarks from Talis to EndNote

Go to Talis and sign in.

1.       In My bookmarks, tick those ones you want to export. If you want to export all bookmarks, tick the box at the top of the column (NB if you have multiple pages of bookmarks this will only export the ones on that page).

2.       Click on Action and choose Export citations. This will produce a .ris file which you will need to save.

3.       Email/share this file with colleagues or import it into an EndNote library.

Based on instructions developed by Jo Akers at Oxford Brookes University