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A guide to finding information in education. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

Welcome to the education guide. Use the tabs above to explore resources in this subject.

Most education professional studies (Call Numbers 370-379) and primary education (372) books and journals are on the 4th Floor. Items on teaching specific subjects at secondary level are with that subject on either the 2nd or 4th Floor. Larger sized (folio) books or periodicals are shelved separately from normal sized books or periodicals for practical reasons. You will find your key sections in both areas. Download a floor plan to help you find your way around. View the 2nd Floor plan /  View the 4th Floor plan (PDF)

Our Teaching Practice Collection, containing children's material you may use in school, is on the 4th Floor.

We also have a wide range of e-books and e-journals relating to education. Use the Books and Journal articles tabs above to explore these.

For one-to-one advice on finding information contact your subject liaison librarian.


New books in the Teaching Practice Collection

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