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International students

Expert guidance from Study Advice at the University of Reading

students graduatingThe term 'international students' may seem a bit of a simplification. It can cover a huge variety of different experiences. You may be a native English speaker, or still learning the language. You may have lived in the UK for some time, and even studied here previously - or you may be completely new to the culture and expectations of universities in the UK. You may be studying on a course where there are a lot of other students from your home country, or you may be the only one.

For international students, preparing for success in UK study means more than just learning the language. You will have many questions about the culture and expectations of universities in the UK which can be quite different to what you have been used to. Even if you've been successful when studying in your home country, you will need to develop and adapt the way you study to succeed in the UK. We have plenty of suggestions that can help - and you can always get in touch with the Study Advice team or your Liaison Librarian if you have more questions.