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Guidance for international students

Expert guidance from the Library and Study Advice at the University of Reading

How the University can help

The University offers a range of services through the International Study and Language Institute to help you build your cultural and language knowledge, including the Academic English Programme and the Global Study Lounge.

A good way to practise your language skills and, at the same time, learn something about UK culture is to read newspapers. The Library subscribes to a number of newspapers in print and online, or you could learn more about the local area by reading a local newspaper.

The Library has many resources that can help you to build your language skills, including books to help with IELTS (International English Language Test Score) and language dictionaries. These can all be found on the 3rd Floor. While you're there, you might also borrow a novel to practise your reading for pleasure, or a film on DVD to help your listening skills. Alternatively, a fun way to improve your English language skills is by using the Teaching Practice Collection which includes an extensive collection of children's literature in English, both fiction and non-fiction.

These links will help you access all of these services and more.

Resources outside the University

As well as the resources provided by the University, there are many more, including some from other universities, that can help you to build your language skills. Here are a few that will be helpful.