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Clinical language sciences: Books

A guide to finding information in clinical language sciences. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.

To find out if a specific book is in the Library you just need to check the Enterprise catalogue (search box below). Enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title:

For example: ball phonetics

You can also search Enterprise for a topic, to find related books.

Finding books

Finding printed books and e-books

Search the Enterprise catalogue to find specific books or books on a topic.


Finding online book chapters

To find online book chapters on a topic search the Summon discovery service:

Key locations

130 Psychology
136 Differential psychology
136.5 Developmental psychology
136.7 Child psychology
400 Language and linguistics
401 Linguistics: theory
401.9 Psycholinguistics
401.93 Language acquisition
412 Semantics
414 Phonetics, phonology
415 Grammar
419 Non-verbal communication
420 English language
610 Medical sciences
612.78 Physiology of speech
616.855 Speech and language disorders
618.92 Pediatrics
618.92855 Speech disorders in children

Getting books not held at Reading

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

For more information see our webpages:

Call Numbers for selected topics

Acquisition of language 401.93
Aphasia  616.8552

Bilingualism 404.2

Child development 136.72
Cleft palate  616.855
Cognition 153
Cognitive development 136.72
Comparative linguistics 410
Computational linguistics 401.51

Dyslexia  616.8553
Dysphagia  616.31

English language 420

Grammar 415

Hearing  612.85
Hearing disorders  617.89

Language: acquisition 401.93
Language disorders  616.855
Language testing 407.6
Linguistics: general 401

Non-verbal communication 419

Phonetics/phonology 414
Pragmatics 401
Psycholinguistics 401.9

Second language acquisition 401.93
Semantics 412 
Sociolinguistics 401
Speech disorders 616.855
Speech disorders in children 618.92855
Speech production 612.78
Speech therapy 616.855
Stuttering  616.8554
Swallowing disorders  616.31
Syntax 415

New books