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Pharmacology research project guidance: Frequently Asked Questions

Help, resources and links to guide you through your research project.


How do I know what to do or in what order?

Your supervisor will be able to advise you on how to approach your research project. You should first focus on identifying and defining your research question(s). Then you should use suitable research methods to try and answer them. There is specific area on the library webpages that provides these materials. Please use the following link: Pharmacology Research Project Guide

How much help can a supervisor give?

You can expect to receive regular supervision, normally about 1 hour every two weeks. There will be some differences in level assistance given, depending on the style of the supervisor, the nature of the project, and the aptitude of a student. This is normal and appropriate. When marking, supervisors will take into account student capacity to work by themselves, but also their capacity to seek assistance where necessary. These issues are covered in greater detail in here: Supervisory Expectations

Are some projects easier than others?

This simple answer is “No”. All projects are different and research is unpredictable. Students will do different tasks, generate different amounts of data and make more or less obvious progress, depending on the problem(s) they tackle. Overall, the assessment remains consistent across many diverse projects, and no projects are "easier" or "get better grades".

How long does the project report need to be and how many figures, tables, or references do I need?

The project report should not exceed 8000 (+10%) words in length, excluding the abstract, figure legends, footnotes, table of contents, references, tables, appendices and acknowledgements. As each piece of work is unique there is some flexibility in the final number. Regarding figures and references, there is no right or wrong number. You need enough figures and tables to illustrate your results clearly. You need enough references to document the points you make.

Can I get help with my statistics?

Like everything else in your project, collecting and analyzing your data is your responsibility. You should have thought through how you intend to analyse the data before you collect it. Your supervisor will be able to give you required guidance on experimental design and methodological issues that relate to data analysis. There is also a dedicated webpage: Statistics

Will my supervisor read a draft of the project report and presentation?

Yes. You are expected to submit complete drafts of your report and presentation in order to obtain feedback. Extensive detailed feedback will be provided within 15 working days. You are then expected to schedule a 1-hour meeting with your supervisor to discuss any feedback. Further details on feedback can be found here Supervisory Expectations

Can I request an extension on my draft and final submissions?

Extensions will only be granted under extenuating circumstances and requests must be submitted before the deadline. Details can be here here: Exceptional Circumstances