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Critical Analysis: Thinking, Reading, and Writing

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is central to studying at university, no matter what your subject is. But it can be difficult to define, let alone understand. This short introduction will help you begin to make sense of what critical thinking involves, and why it’s important.

Critical thinking at university

What is the difference between analysis and evaluation? Why should you avoid the descriptive trap? How can you make your writing more critical? This video goes deeper into the complexities of critical thinking at university. 


Critical thinking matters beyond your studies: it helps you make more informed decisions in your everyday life, and is important for solving the biggest issues facing our societies today. This exercise will get you thinking about what else in life demands you to think critically.  

Critical analysis looks different across the disciplines, and even between different kinds of assignments. Use this exercise to get a better idea of how to be critical in your assignments. 

Still not sure how to start being critical? These questions will help give you a jump start!