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Setting up your Integral account

If you would like to set up an account to access Integral, email: and we'll do the rest!

Help with...

For help with understanding partial differentiation, there are good explanations in these textbooks:

Resources on Blackboard

We have a wide range resources to support your studies. These are available to University of Reading students via Blackboard.  

To access all the available resources, including printable worksheets on a range of topics, tests and exercises, links to online support, and material to help with revision, you will need to Self-enrol on Maths Support.
Just follow these five steps:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Go to the ‘Help’ page and scroll down to ‘Central University Services’.
  • Click on the link Maths Support resources on Blackboard
  • The Maths Support organisation will open. Click on + Enrol to add yourself to the organisation, so you can access all of the resources.
  • Once you are enrolled, Maths Support will be listed on the Organisations page of Blackboard.

You will find the following topics covered in our worksheets on Blackboard:

Algebra  [63 sheets]
Arithmetic and geometric series - or progressions
 aps and gps [1 sheet]
Circles [7 Sheets]
Complex Numbers [3 Sheets]
Co-Ordinate Geometry [9 Sheets]
Decimals [15 Sheets]
Decimal Places And Significant Figures [2 Sheets]
Differentiation [55 Sheets]
Differentiation ... Understanding The Chain Rule [3 Sheet]
Directed Numbers [3 Sheets]
Equations And Their Graphs [2 Sheets]
Fractions [23 Sheets]
Functions [2 Sheets]
Geometrical Investigations [11 Sheets]

Indices [20 Sheets]
Integration  [29 Sheets]
Large Numbers [2 Sheets]
Linear Equations [5 Sheets]
Logs [14 Sheets]
Long Division [1 Sheet]
Matrices [2 Sheets]
Obtaining Straight Line Graphs [2 Sheets]
Partial Fractions (3 Sheets)
Percentages [9 Sheets]
Permutations And Combinations [2 Sheets]
Probability [6 Sheets]
Projectiles [1 Sheet]
Proportionality [1 Sheet]
Pythagoras's Theorem [2 Sheets]

Quadratic Equations And Functions [12 Sheets]
Qts Practice Questions [10 Sheets]
Ratios [1 Sheet]
Simultaneous Equations [6 Sheets]
S.I. Units [9 Sheets]
Solving Trig Equations [5 Sheets]
Statistics - Mean And Median [1 Sheet]
Straight Line Graphs [2 Sheets]
Trigonometric Ratios [1 Sheet]
Trigonometrical Identiities [1 Sheet]
Multiple Choice Questions  [10 Sheets]
Using A Calculator

We also have a series of multiple choice question (and answer) sheets available to download on the following topics:

  • Converting fractions to decimals 
  • Percentages 
  • Percentages 2
  • Logarithms 
  • Ratios 
  • Fractions  (1)
  • Indices 
  • Differentiating Powers of x 1
  • Multiplying Decimals 1
  • Converting fractions to decimals