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Physician Associates research project guidance: Statistics

Resources and links to guide you through your research project.

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Here you can find some useful information and training relating to the statistical treatment of data. Most of your projects will result in data that does not require statistical analysis. In some cases, you will have quantitative data where some use of statistics is beneficial. Your supervisor will be able to advise you if you are not sure if you need to use statistics or if you are not sure what statistical method to use.

The material below will introduce you to the tools you might need to carry out your project such as:

1) Data representation

2) Replication and pseudoreplication

3) Hypothesis testing

4) Elements of evidence based medicine

Elements of statistics (recorded for the MPharm students)

This is the Lecture on the Elements of Statistics which you may find useful for your final year project.

You will need to know this content to:

1) Represent your data population

2) Identify the number of replicates in your experiments

3) Test specific hypotheses

This content will also be preparatory to the workshop outlined below.

Extra material on hypothesis testing

Useful web resources on statistics

Elements of evidence based medicine

This is the Lecture on Evidence Based Medicine, which you may find useful for your final year project.

Workshop on statistics: A simulation of some hypotheses testing scenarios

These are the files you will need to run the workshop (the link of which is in the tab on the right).

To run the workshop, you will need to have Excel and SPSS installed on your PC.

You can download SPSS from APPS ANYWHERE (for free).

Some useful books

There are a large number of books on 'R' in the Library. They are mostly located on the 2nd Floor at 519.502855369-R. Here are a selection of titles.

Web resources on 'R'