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Finding statistics: Home

A guide to useful sources of statistics.

This guide gives you an overview of some of the major sources of statistics. The resources listed are a mixture of freely available data and services for which the University has paid and for which you will have to login using your University username and password.

National statistics

Nearly all nations maintain an official government agency to collect and maintain statistics to support the work of the government but which are also made available for others to use. In the United Kingdom the principal statistical agency is the Office for National Statistics whose primary aim is to collect, analyse and disseminate statistics about the UK's economy, society and population. As part of this work it is responsible for the UK census.

However, not all official statistics are provided by the ONS and other government departments and the devolved governments maintain their own statistical services.

Comparative international statistics

The services listed below provide access to statistics across varying numbers of nations. They will provide you with comparable data to illustrate differences or similarities between nations or regional groupings.

Need further assistance?

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