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APD: support for your undergraduate dissertation


Help and advice for all APD students writing undergraduate dissertations

In this guide we've collected together some resources and tips to help you with your research project - from researching & finding literature, to correctly formatting your final project and citing references. There's also a mention of some common mistakes to avoid. 

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To get you started, check out the Library's Info Tip - Getting help with your dissertation

It's likely that your dissertation is the most substantial piece of work that you'll do in your undergraduate university career, we know how important it is so our Study Advice team have produced a really useful guide on dissertations and major projects. Check it out. It might not be the sort of thing you'd want to read from start to finish, but dip into it when you need to. There's some really useful stuff there.

If you have any questions please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian, Tim Chapman