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Finding journal articles and journals: Finding journals

A guide to finding journal articles and journals available to University members..

What is a journal?

Journal is the most commonly used word used for a periodical, a magazine, a newspaper, or an annual report - in fact any publication which appears on a regular basis. Journals provide more up-to-date information than a book and describe the latest research. The Library has subscriptions to over 45,000 journals.

Finding out what journals we have

There are several ways to can find out what journals we have:

  • Search Enterprise catalogue
  • Search or browse on BrowZine 
  • Search or browse on the E-journals Finder

Search the Enterprise catalogue to find online and print journals

Enterprise will show you both online and print journals held by the Library. Search for specific titles or journals on a topic.

Search for the journal title and then limit your results to the format "Journal". 
Search for a topic and the word "periodicals" to find journals on a topic eg food periodicals

Search or browse BrowZine

Use BrowZine to select, and keep up-to-date with, the latest issues of your favourite journals. Search for specific titles or browse by subject.

Search or browse the E-journals Finder to find online only

The E-journals Finder gives the most comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue of our online journals. Search for a specific title of browse the subject lists to find titles covering your subject.

Where are the print journals kept?

During the Library refurbishment project most printed journals were temporarily removed from the Library. These have been returned but we are still working on updating location information on the catalogue, so specific articles in affected volumes can still be requested as free inter-library loans from the British Library.

When you click on the title of the journal on the catalogue you will see details of the location of the printed volumes. Possible locations include:

  • 'Unavailable - request inter-library loan' - see requesting print journal articles during refurbishment for information on making a request
  • 'On shelf on the ** Floor' - go to the floor mentioned in Library and consult the plans to find the orange Journals section. These are the current locations for specific Call Numbers as of 2 January 2020:
    • 001-359 - 2nd Floor
    • 400-699 - 3rd Floor
    • 360-399, 700-999 - 4th Floor
  • 'Off-site Store - available on request' - see requesting items from the off-site Store using Enterprise for more information
  • 'On Closed Access - available on request' - see requesting items from closed access collections using Enterprise for more information

Borrowing journals

  • Most journals can be borrowed for 7 days.  
  • You can borrow 5 bound volumes or issues at once.
  • Journals may not be renewed.
  • Holds can't be placed on journals.