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Construction management and engineering: Further sources

A guide to finding information in construction management and engineering. Includes links to key resources and sources of help.


The Library holds British parliamentary papers, including debates, command papers, House of Commons and House of Lords papers going back to 1801. It also has all statutes (acts) and statutory instruments. For more information, see the Law guide (link below).

In addition, there are several subject specific titles, which are particularly relevant to construction management:

Building law reports

Construction law reports
Journals--PER 344.42075

Housing law reports

For more information about online sources of legal information consult the E-resources section of the Law guide (link below).


Depending upon your individual research subject, statistical sources could be important for you. Explore the following sources:


Reading University theses and dissertations

The Library receives a copy of all theses accepted for the degrees of PhD and MPhil by the University. All theses held by the Library can be found on the Enterprise catalogue. Recently submitted theses might also be available to download from the University's Institutional Repository, CentAUR.

Masters theses can usually be consulted in the relevant school or department.

Finding theses from other institutions

There are a number of specialist sources for finding theses produced at other institutions around the world. Many more are becoming available online making it much easier to get the full-text. For more information see our guide to finding theses.

Conference papers

Conference papers are published in a variety of ways - they may be published as a book, or as a special issue or supplement to a journal. Some may not be published at all!

If published promptly they can you give you the latest information on research in your field.

See our guide to finding conference papers for details of specialist sources for finding this type of information.


Newspapers can be a good source for the latest developments in a field and for current opinion on controversial topics.

We have online access to a number of current and archive newspaper issues. For further information and links go to our Finding newspapers guide.

Maps & atlases

Maps can be used in nearly all disciplines to either research or display spatial information, including Construction management and engineering.  The University Library contains about 70,000 maps and atlases, covering the whole world. They include original and facsimile maps from medieval to modern times, and access to online resources is also available.

To find out how maps can help you, see our presentation on Using maps for your research.

See our Guide to finding and using printed and digital maps for more information and help on getting started.

For digital maps of Great Britain, the best place to start is Digimap. This includes eight datasets, including contemporary Ordnance Survey maps; historical Ordnance Survey maps; geology maps; environmental land cover maps; marine charts and thematic data; aerial imagery ; census and socio-economic data and world maps. Maps can be printed out or data downloaded for use in a geographical information system.

For further help and advice, contact the Map Librarian.