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A guide to finding and using printed and digital maps.

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The University Library has a collection of about 70,000 maps and atlases.  The majority of maps are reference only, but there is a Field collection on the 4th Floor which can be borrowed with your Campus/Library card.  Atlases are mostly on the 4th Floor and can also be borrowed.  Atlases with the call number 'Oversize MF' are shelved separately on the 4th Floor.

*Guide created by Judith Fox, former Map Librarian.

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World War I trench map

During the First World War, trench warfare became the usual form of combat. As trenches were dug, they were mapped, usually at a scale of 1:20 000. The example shows British trenches in blue and German in red.  Updates were obtained by aerial reconnaissance flights - this particular sheet has the statement: ‘Trenches revised from information received to 8-3-18’

Ordnance Survey (1918) 51B S.W. Edition 7D. 1:20 000. France, G.S.G.S. 2742. London: War Office.
Map donated by Mrs P. Scott-James on behalf of Captain R.A. Scott-James.