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CBM & FBM: support for your undergraduate dissertation

A dissertation guide for Part 3 Consumer Behaviour & Marketing and Food Business & Marketing students in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development


We have a detailed guide on doing a literature search, or you could watch our videos on literature searching. Whatever approach you decide to take, you'll be looking for books and journal articles along with sources of information on the web. See the tabs below to find the best places to start doing this.

Finding literature and where to look

You can use databases to find articles - it's good to use a variety as they all cover different journals / subject areas.

Here are a few of the relevant databases for Agriculture, Policy & Development - find more in the APD subject guide.


Searches across all of our online articles - use it to find journal articles online and read the full text immediately. Summon has the great option to restrict your search results to peer reviewed journals - these are the articles of the best quality as they've been reviewed and scrutinized by experts in that field.

Search box below...

Web of Science 

Search  to find articles on your topic - use the  button next to each article to read it if we subscribe - if we don't have access order it on inter-library loan 

Search Web of Science™

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Search here to find the full text of articles and read them immediately. 


Similar to Web of Science but does also cover different material - search to find articles on your topic and use the  button next to each article to read it if we subscribe - if we don't have access order it on inter-library loan

Business Source Complete



And don't forget Google Scholar

When you are searching for books remember that you may need to broaden your topic keywords. The topic of your project will be very specific, but books are usually on broader subject areas so try and reflect the broader area in your search.


Search here to find books in the Library. Search box below...


Some books that are relevant to your project may not be held by the Library. To find out what has been published on your topic you may need to look further.


Search here to find books on your topic. They may not be available locally - if not request it on inter-library loan

Marketing Information

 Market research is information is gathered together to analyse a market.  Usually, you can find out target audiences, the size of the market, top competitors and consumer behaviour, depending on the market or product that you are researching.

Our Inter-Library Loans service can get hold of articles, chapters and books not held at Reading from other libraries (usually from the British Library).

For more information see our webpages: here Undergraduates can get up to 5 items in this way, free of charge.