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Finding European Union information and publications: Home

A guide to finding information on the European Union and related publications.

The following guide provides help on finding information about the European Union (EU) and its activities, including accessing official EU documentation and publications.

Modern publications and a large amount of historical EU documentation is made available online, with much of the EU's current material now only provided electronically. For older material unavailable online, the Library holds a legacy collection of official publications deposited by the European Union during its time as a European Documentation Centre (EDC).

EU official websites

Nowadays EU publications and documents are generally made available within the EU's own official website, Europa:

While searchable, Europa is a very large website with many sub-sections and it can be difficult to find exactly what you want on it. The websites of particular EU institutions or the EU Publications Office can be more useful places to start, depending on how much you know about what you are looking for.

For more detailed information and links, see the following sections of this guide: