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Finding newspapers: Home

A guide to useful sources for finding newspapers and newspaper articles.

Why use newspapers?

Newspapers can provide the latest developments in the field, and current opinion on developing events and controversial topics. 

Finding Newspapers Online

There are a number of websites giving access to UK newspapers. All access options for these titles are given below with the most recent access listed first.

The Daily Mail
The Economist
Financial Times
The Guardian
The Independent
The Telegraph
The Times



Search Summon to find news articles

The Summon discovery service includes online newspaper articles covered by our many of our subscriptions. Search for a topic in the box below. You can Refine your results by publication year to see the most recent articles, or to find out how that topic was portrayed in earlier times.

Finding non-English Language newspapers


Newspapers can be a good source for the latest developments in a field and for current opinion on controversial topics. They also provide insight into public opinion and the national mood at the time of historic events.

We have online access to a number of current and archive newspaper issues, mainly covering UK newspapers.

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Finding non-English Language newspapers

Printed newspapers

The Library still has subscriptions to printed newspapers, which it keeps for a limited period of time. All of these can be viewed in the Enterprise Catalogue. 

Current issues are in Quiet study and Holds on the Ground Floor of the Library

Current physical subscriptions which are kept for two months are:

  • The Times
  • The Financial Times
  • The Guardian

Current physical subscriptions which are kept for 6 months are: 

  • The Bookseller
  • The Times Literary Supplement
  • THE: Times Higher Education
  • Reading Chronicle (local newspaper)

Current physical subscriptions which are kept for 1 year are: 

  • The Spark (Reading University Student newspaper)


Search the Enterprise catalogue now

Need more help?

Academic Liaison LibrariansIf you need help with finding information, then please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for advice.

Newspapers vs. Journals

Newspapers are made up of very short articles usually written by journalists. There is no checking procedure and they may be biased. Academic journals are often peer-reviewed, focused on an academic discipline or subject, and include longer articles. These articles usually include abstracts, a literature review and bibliographies/reference lists. For more information on journals and how to find them, see our guide below.