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Language learning: Websites

A guide to Library resources for those learning a new language

There are many freely available websites which you can use to enhance your learning of a new language.  These include websites which offer language learning courses or websites about the culture and history of a particular country.  Below is a selection of websites which may be useful.  It would be good if more could be added, so if you know of a particularly useful website which has helped you learn a language or find out more about the culture of a country, please let your subject librarian know.

Language learning courses

General language learning websites

Language Learning websites by Language

Tips on evaluating websites


Before believing the information given on a web site, or quoting it in your essay or project, think about the following:


  • Who is responsible for the page/site?
  • Is it a reliable organisation (eg a well known university) or a subject expert?
  • Can you trust them?

Accuracy and reliability

  • Is the information correct?
  • Is the grammar and spelling correct?
  • Is it complete, or are they just giving one point of view?
  • Do they have their own agenda eg political organisations?
  • Is the information fact or opinion?


  • Can you tell how up-to-date it is?
  • Is it regularly updated?
  • You don't want to quote out-of-date information

Audience / relevance

  • Is the information of the right level to be quoted in your project? If it is aimed at the general public or school children it might not be!


  • Is the site well structured and easy to navigate?
  • Are the links from the page up-to-date and valid?
  • If it is well designed and maintained then you can feel more confident about the information it provides