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Meteorology Library: Using the Library

A guide to facilities and services offered by the Meteorology Library in the Meteorology Department.

When is the library open?

8am – 6pm on weekdays throughout the year - and at all other times for those who have access to the Meteorology building. 

Catherine Turner, the librarian, is usually available in the library, Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:30-1.30. You can contact Catherine at: or 0118 378 7984.


How do I join?

All members of the Meteorology Department, and those from other departments studying or teaching a Meteorology module, are welcome to use the library. New students will attend an induction session and new staff can arrange an induction with the Librarian before borrowing. 

Borrowing and Returning

It is your responsibility to scan items out and to return them on time. If you are unable to scan an item out, it must be signed out in the book on the issue desk. We use a self service system which relies on trust . Failure to comply is regarded by the Department as theft. You are welcome to ask the Librarian for help or you can follow the instructions above the issue desk outside the library office

Most items can be borrowed for a standard loan period of: 3 weeks for students; one term for staff. Books marked with a red reference sticker must not be removed from the library. To renew an item, please sign it out again. You should return a renewed item if it is requested by another borrower (the Librarian will contact you by email).

To reserve an item which is on loan to another borrower, please complete a Reservation/ Recall Form available in the library and hand it in at the library office. You will be notified when it is ready for you to collect. 

What does the library stock?

1750 books on meteorology and related subjects from undergraduate to research level including:

  • recommended course text books
  • over 20 print journal subscriptions plus many reports and newsletters from meteorological organisations worldwide
  • the Department’s 640 MSc dissertations, 300 PhD and MPhil theses
  • print and digitised copies of the JCMM reports
  • preprints of publications by our academic and research staff
  • the Spiers and Sutcliffe Special Collections
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What else is in the Library?

The quiet study area comprises individual and larger desks for quiet study and four networked computers for PC access. There is a wireless connection for lap tops. Notice boards display information from Careers Service, Counselling, Study Advisors and University Library. 

The group study area has a group study table and a SMART board that can be used to practise presentations or as a study aid for group work.  The group study area can be used if free, but if you want to reserve the space it can be booked through: