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Key information and links for new students

Welcome to your Library!

The University Library and its staff are here to support your studies, providing you with access to information – online, multimedia or printed – and the skills to make the most of it. 

Your University Library is much more than books. It offers places to study, a café and access to a range of support services. You can also access a wide range of e-books and electronic resources online, from the comfort of your own room.

Use this guide to make a start in finding out how you may use the Library and access its resources and services.

Welcome to your Library! Watch our short video intro to find out more

In this video, Samantha will take you on a short tour of the University’s Library. Find out who can help you with your studies, where to study, how to find and borrow a book, and where to get that essential coffee break.

You will need to use both printed and online academic sources available from the Library to do well in your studies. To learn how to find and borrow printed materials, please use the 'Finding Print Resources' link above.

For information on finding and accessing the Library's online materials, please use the 'Finding Online Resources' link above.

If you are unable to view this video on YouTube it is also available on YuJa - view the Get to know your Library video on YuJa (University username and password required)

Explore the Library - a self-guided tour

Explore the Library with this quick online guide with maps and images - you can always revisit this before your first visit to the Library building.

How to get to know your Library

Library tours 

Our face to face tours have now ended, but you can still get help from Library staff in the building if you need to know where something is. Alternatively, take a look at our online tour, below.

Library Talk

The presentation on 'Getting to know your University Library' took place on 21 September 2022.

Here is the video of the talk covering the basics about using the Library, from finding books to using online resources; and, the support available to help you in your studies. Login with your University username and password to view.

Library escape box challenge

Thanks to all those who participated in this fun challenge on Friday 23 September!

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