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Open Research Handbook: Publish an Open Research case study

A practical guide to Open Research

Publish an Open Research Case Study

The Research Engagement team is building a library of Open Research case studies and welcomes submissions from University staff and PhD students. If we publish your case study it will be used by the Research Engagement team in Open Research communications and engagement activities, and you may be invited to events where you can share your Open Research expertise and experiences with your colleagues and peers. 

We are looking for case studies in any subject from members of staff and research students, which provide practical examples to inspire others. Case studies should discuss the use of one or more open practices in the conduct of research and/or communication of outputs to achieve specific research aims or solve particular problems. The Author Guidelines explain in more detail what the case study should be about and how it should be submitted. So if you have an Open Research story to tell, why not get in touch!

If you would like to discuss your case study, please contact

Open Research Case Studies