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Open Research Handbook: Help and training

A practical guide to Open Research

Where can you get help with Open Research?

Here you can find information about resources and support to help you on your Open Research journey. There is a vibrant and growing international community of researchers, service providers, funders and other stakeholders committed to furthering the cause of Open Research, and there are a number of training resources available to those find out about about open practices and learn new skills. There are even some funding opportunities for researchers wishing to pursue Open Research projects.

There are also grass-roots initiatives beginning to emerge in the University itself as students and researchers make common cause to learn and implement open ways of working and to share experience and skills. An example of such a group is the SPCLS Coding Club. If you would like us to list your group, or to ask for support setting one up, get in touch!

If you need any help, you can always contact the Research Engagement team. We can provide advice and support relating to publications, data and software and other aspects of Open Research.


Funding opportunities

Many funders appreciate the importance of Open Research, and some are directing funds towards activities that support Open Research. Here are a few examples.

University clubs, projects and initiatives

Where to find help

Contact the Research Engagement team in the Library for help with all aspects of Open Research.