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Online Reading Lists: a guide for Academic Staff

A guide to using the Talis Online Reading Lists system for academic staff

1. Activating your account and creating a profile

You will need to activate your online Reading Lists account in order to edit, publish and share your online Reading List. We recommend completing the short profile page with some basic information, as this will be accessible to students.

How to activate your account

  1. Visit the online Reading Lists homepage and click 'Log in' in the top navigation bar.

2. Sign into your University of Reading account using your normal Microsoft login details.

The online Reading Lists system will recognise your role and assign list editing permissions. You should now be able to search for a list by title or module code from the homepage, or via the 'Online Reading Lists' link embedded in your Blackboard course. If you cannot search for a list, edit a list, or find a list, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Creating a profile

1. Once logged in, click on your name in the top navigation bar, and select 'View Profile'.

2. Click 'Edit Profile' in the top right corner:

a. Select an option from the ‘I’d describe myself as’ list, and your ‘Main discipline’. 
b. Please set your profile to ‘public’ so existing and prospective students can search for lists created by you. Only your name and role will be displayed on any published lists. 

3. Click on Save Profile once you’ve completed the form. 

2. Accessing your online reading list

Once you have activated your account, you can search for a list by title or module code using the online Reading Lists homepage.


Please be aware that each year, copies of online reading lists are created as part of the rollover process, and so each academic year you will need to review and edit a new version of your online reading list. You should receive an email when this is ready to edit, but if you are unable to access the reading list for the current academic year, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

If you need to create a list for a new module, or another use, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Save to 'My Lists'

To make it easier to access your online reading lists, you can save current lists to your 'My Lists' area in the online Reading Lists system.

1. Access your list and click the '+My Lists' button in the top right corner.
2. In future you can navigate to 'My Lists' in the top navigation bar and view your lists without searching.


Accessing your online reading list through Blackboard

1. Navigate to your Blackboard module and click on the 'Reading Lists' link. 
2. The system will try to match your module to an existing list, and provide you with a search box if this matching is unsuccessful.
3.. Click on 'embed list' to ensure that the list is linked to your module - for more help with this, please see page 5 of this guide.
Once you have done this, you can edit your list via the 'Reading Lists' in Blackboard

3. Sharing a list with colleagues

An online reading list can have multiple editors, this can be useful if you are co-convening a module, or would like to share list editing with a colleague. To share a list with a colleague, you can copy the link to the online reading list and email to the colleague you would like to contribute to the list.

If you are not sure, or if your colleague does not yet have an account in the online Reading Lists system, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Using the Description field to provide information on list editors

Each online Reading Lists is assigned to one 'owner', and their name will appear at the top of the list.

You can use the List description to add more information about multiple editors.

1. Click 'Edit' at the top right of the page, and choose 'Edit List Details'.

2. Under 'Description' add information on multiple editors, or on the list/module as appropriate.


3. Click 'Save' and this information will appear at the top of your online reading list.