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Online reading lists: a guide for academic staff

Using Talis Aspire to create online reading lists

Annual rollover of reading lists

Reading lists and scanned extracts provided through the Reading Lists system need to be ‘rolled over’ on an annual basis to reflect the currency of the list.

Reading lists published within an academic year will be 'rolled over' for the next session in early May to allow academic staff time to review and re-publish their lists prior to agreed publication deadlines.

Things to note:

Only published lists can be rolled over.

Please wait until the rollover process has been completed before editing/publishing reading lists for the next academic session: If you amend the date of your current reading list, edit and publish it prior to the rollover process you will overwrite the current reading list and any scanned extracts attached to your list may not be linked to your amended reading list for the next academic session.

Lists are rolled over in bulk, according to time period, e.g. Autumn term 2016 to Autumn term 2017, 2016-17 session to 2017-18 session. Lists cannot be rolled over on an individual basis.

Lists will be rolled over from published to draft. Module convenors/list owners will need to review and re-publish these lists to make them available to students for the coming academic year. (Access to reading lists via Blackboard will also require the module convenor to reconfigure the link to the most current list once module content has been rolled over). For details, see: Blackboard rollover FAQs / updating reading list links for the new academic year.

Non-rolled over lists: If a list has never been published, you will need to set the time period during review/editing prior to publishing the list.

Making scanned extracts available for the next academic session

Following reading lists rollover, scans which have been accessible to students via your published reading lists will also need to be rolled over in order to ensure existing links to scans on lists are maintained.

To comply with the terms of the CLA HE Licence, all scan requests must be re-checked against the Licence criteria prior to being made available on published reading lists for the new academic session. Your Academic Liaison Librarian will manage this process and contact you if any further decisions are required, e.g. a newer edition of the text is available, or the text is no loner covered by the CLA Licence.

Changes to module codes/titles

If you are aware of any changes to module codes / module titles it is essential you pass on these details to your Academic Liaison Librarian as and prior to scan rollover taking place (usually mid-June).

Blackboard rollover FAQs / updating reading list links for the new academic year

This screencast shows how you can configure links to your reading lists on copied Blackboard courses. This video has no audio.

NB. Following an update to Blackboard, the interface has changed - the screencasts and guides below refer to the old interface.

Two PDF guides (available to download, below) provide guidance on the following common queries:

  • My course has been rolled over from last year and already has links to my Talis Aspire list(s)    
  • I have a Reading List link on the course menu    
  • I have one or more Reading List links in a course content area    
  • My course has been rolled over from last year but does not yet have links to my reading lists on Talis Aspire    
  • I have a Talis link on my course menu, but I want to link to more than one reading list    
  • I am teaching a module which has never run before    
  • My Blackboard course is for a Programme / a Shared course / a Non-RISIS course    
  • I want to link to a specific section of my reading list   


  • What happens if a student clicks on an unconfigured link to a Talis Aspire reading list?