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Finding theses: Finding Reading University theses & dissertations

A guide to finding theses produced at the University of Reading and in institutions worldwide

The Library receives a print copy of all theses accepted for the degrees of PhD and MPhil.  Theses submitted since 2015 are also being uploaded to the University's institutional repository, CentAUR. Details of all University of Reading theses accepted for a PhD or MPhil are included in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. They are also made available for digitisation on request via the British Library's EThOS service.

Masters dissertations are not held by the Library. They can usually be consulted in the relevant University school or department.

Finding theses on the Enterprise catalogue (print and online)

Theses received since 1979 have full entries on the Enterprise catalogue. Theses received prior to 1979 have a brief entry (author, title, department and year) on Enterprise.  There are links to any electronic versions in the University's institutional repository, CentAUR, from the catalogue entry for the title.

Use the search box below to search for topic and when viewing your results limit them to the Format 'Thesis'.

You can also search for theses produced by a specific School/Department searching for the department name (for example, University of Reading Chemistry) and then limiting your results to the Format 'Thesis'. Please note that there have been a large number of name changes for Schools/Departments, so you might need to try several searches to find all possible entries.

Finding e-theses

Search the University's institutional repository, CentAUR, to find theses submitted since 2015. Note that some theses might not be available to read online if they have been embargoed by the author.

Some older University of Reading theses have been digitised and made available via the British Library EThOS Service. 

Consulting a print thesis

Theses are kept on Closed Access and have to be collected for you. The most recent ones are in the University Library, older ones are kept in our Off-site Store. Most theses can be consulted within the Library - they cannot be borrowed. A few theses are not available for consultation, and these are marked as "restricted". Full details of the duration of such restrictions can be found on the catalogue.

Request a thesis by filling in the online form on Enterprise - when viewing the full details of the thesis on the catalogue click on the 'Request Closed Access or Store Items' link on the right-hand side of the screen. A link to detailed guidance and a video are given below.