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Library training and events: New students

This guide includes details of all workshops and events run by your Library team.

Explore the Library - a self-guided tour

Explore the Library with this quick online guide with maps and images - you can always revisit this before your first visit to the Library building.

Take the pain out of referencing using EndNote or Mendeley

We offer help and training on the EndNote and Mendeley reference management systems to manage and create references. See the boxes below for details of our workshops and other guides you can use to learn how to make the most of these tools.

Our reference management workshops count towards your Red Award.

Reference management workshop times

Select from the following times. Just click on the title to book your place. Most workshops take place in the Library.

Alternative ways to get started with Desktop EndNote

Upcoming workshop times are displayed on the left. If you are unable to attend the workshops the following options will help get you started.

Alternative ways to get started with Mendeley Reference Manager

Upcoming workshop times are displayed on the left. If you are unable to attend the workshops the following options will help get you started.

Academic skills training


The Study Advice team will be running webinars throughout the academic year to support you with all aspects of your study. From revising for your exams to preparing for your dissertations, these friendly webinars are designed for you to get some tips from the experts and put your studies on track for success.

After attending a webinar, you may also want to book a 1-2-1 session with a Study Adviser to discuss a particular assessment or issue in more depth. Appointments can be booked by completing this simple online form

For those that prefer online resources, we have a suite of video tutorials and study guides covering all aspects of study on our Study Advice pages.

The links below can also help you with studying at home

Spring Term Webinars

Please ensure you are logged in to your student account before booking

For booking issues please email:

Week Date Topic Details Link to book

Wednesday, 11 January


Designing your dissertation: what makes a good project?  In this session we will discuss how to effectively develop your research question and how to maintain its focus. We will also consider the key critical thinking skills involved in the process of building an independent project.  Book

Wednesday, 18 January 


Writing up your dissertation (Part 1): Literature review and methodology  This webinar will focus on the literature review and methodology sections of the dissertation. We will discuss the function of each of these, how to structure them, and how writing style choices may differ between them and why.  Book

Wednesday, 25 January 


Writing up your dissertation (Part 2): Results and discussion  This session will cover how to present your results, how to build on them in your discussion, and how these two chapters relate to the literature review. Book

Wednesday, 1 February 

2-3 pm 

Dissertation: how to reach the finish line  This session will offer some strategies to ensure you reach that final deadline. It will cover how to keep yourself motivated and how to set yourself goals and achieve them. It will also cover what you should be doing in the final weeks and days.  Book

Wednesday, 22 February 

2-3 pm 

What does it take to get a first?  This webinar will demystify what lecturers are looking to find in First-class work, and will help you understand what you need to do to move up into the higher grade boundaries.  Book

Wednesday, 1 March 

2-3 pm 

Reflective ways of working and writing Reflection is a key skill for success at university and beyond. This is evident in the proliferation of assignments with reflective components and requirements. In this webinar, we will examine what it means to be reflective: how to analyse and evaluate our work and use feedback from a range of sources, and how to translate reflective practice to reflective writing.  Book

Wednesday, 8 March 

2-3 pm 

Improving your academic writing  Academic writing is a complex process of researching, planning, writing, and editing. It is also difficult and can be stressful! In this webinar, we will explore how to rationalise the writing process by breaking it down into five key stages and considering how much time to spend on each.   Book

Wednesday, 15 March 

2-3 pm 

Preparing for university exams  With exams around the corner, this webinar will help you prepare for the weeks ahead. It will cover how to make an effective revision plan, considering when, where and what to study. Next week’ s session will compliment this by covering how best to revise.


Please be aware this may be cancelled due to strike action


Wednesday, 22 March 

2-3 pm 

Revising for university exams 


Following on from our Preparing for university exams webinar, this session will discuss how to best revise for the type of exam you are sitting, as well as how to effectively manage your time in the exam room. 


Please be aware this may be cancelled due to strike action