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Finding video, image and sound resources: Copyright - how may I use video, image and sound?

Resources for finding videos, images and sound clips to use in assignments or teaching.

Video and sound clips and images that are created by other people and that you find on the internet, or in our subscribed resources are all subject to Copyright. This means there are certain rules about how you may use the content you find.

This page will explain the rules about using content you find in our subscribed resources, but you can also find general guidance on how you may use any multimedia content in various educational scenarios (eg. for a project, on a website, at a conference etc,) on the University Copyright webpages. 

General guidance on using video, image and sound resources

Most of the resources in this guide are ones the Library subscribes to, and come with their own rules about how members of the University may use the videos, images and audio recordings within. 

We've included guidance on how you may use the content in the description under each resource. Click on 'More...' under the brief description to view the details of what you are allowed to do with the content.

In general, most resources allow students and staff to use images / videos for teaching materials and in student work which will be assessed but be careful not to use them in displays which are public or on publicly viewable websites.

Some freely available collections will have their own terms of use - look for guidance on their website under 'terms of use' or similar headings. If you are unsure, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for advice. 

Citing video, image and sound

Referencing an image, video or audio clip correctly in your academic work is just as imortant as for books and journal articles! Sometimes it can be difficult to know what details to include. See our citation examples for guidance on citing image, sound and video resources.

Check out the BUFVC's audiovisual citation guide for further help on referencing all kinds of digital media.

Guidance on Copyright

University guidance on copyright

You can find guidance from the University Copyright & Compliance Officer on various common scenarios such as teaching, assessment, research, speaking engagements and social networking on the University copyright pages:‚Äč

Other useful information and help on copyright

Contact your Academic Liaision Librarian

Your librarian will be able to help you analyse your topic, improve your searching skills and suggest the best places to find information and get hold of it. Especially useful if you only have limited access to your project supervisor.