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ORCiD: ORCID and CentAUR integration

You may have heard of ORCID iDs but don't know what they are for or how to create one. This guide explains why you might need one, how to sign up and how ORCID identifiers are being used by organisations, publishers and funding organisations.


A utility has been installed into University of Reading's institutional repository that enables staff members to link their ORCID iDs to their outputs in the repository. Depending on the level of permission granted by the user, the extra functionality will also enable staff members to push items from CentAUR to their ORCID profiles and pull items from their ORCID profile into the repository. 

It is possible to create a new ORCID record through CentAUR if you do not already have one. For registered ORCID users, link your ORCID to CentAUR to enable the new functions. 

Currently the ability to link to ORCID is limited to staff members as students do not have the ability to login to CentAUR. 

A step-by-step guide to linking your ORCID to CentAUR is available from CentAUR

Linking your ORCID to CentAUR

This short video demonstrates how to link your ORCID record to CentAUR. Currently this functionality is only available for staff at University of Reading. 

Exporting items from CentAUR to your ORCID record

Importing items from your ORCID record into CentAUR

This short video will show you how to import items from your ORCID record into CentAUR. This functionality is only available for University of Reading staff. Please do not import items that are already in the repository. Any imported items will be checked before being made live in CentAUR. 

Disconnecting your ORCID iD from CentAUR